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We help companies grow their teams faster and more efficiently than direct team acquisition

Acquiring an entire company just for the sake of expanding a team has its risks, it’s often not as quick as you think, and quite a few of the team will leave the mothership immediately or shortly after the change of leadership and course of action.

Therefore, before acquiring a team, ask yourself if you can create it specifically for your needs and goals.

Why choose Anagami

We Support Growth-Focused Companies With:

Expert Advice
Growth Strategy & Planning
Recruiting, Staffing & Team management
Full service HR department for accounting and financials
Budgeting, Forecasting & Guidance
Financial Accuracy & Accountability
Operational & Financial Best Practices
Accounting & Organizational strategy
Financial Statements & Consolidation Services
Freedom from Day-to-Day Operations

Do You Need Us? Watch for these Signs:

After acquiring a company, over 50% of the newly acquired team leaves within the next 2 years
Back-office Staff Unable to Adapt in the new situation
Unable to retain team members
Unable to recruit and grow department
Inability to properly manage the entire new organization
Unable to prioritize and manage problem solving
Team Reporting is done irregularly and inaccurately
Complex Accounting Is Challenging Resources
Lack of Accounting Automation & Technology
Stuck in the Day-to-Day Details & Operations

What are the benefits of creating an accounting team in Bulgaria?

Save Money

The creation of a team in Bulgaria is extremely effective in terms of price and quality compared to Western Europe, and it is also many times faster, which gives an exceptional advantage to businesses that expand via units in our country to be fast, flexible and competitive in their undustries.

Improve Productivity

By building additional teams to complement the core or administrative functions of the current team, the intensity of value-added creation in the markets increases. Key resources with a wide capacity to create are always an important point to succeed in any business field.

Save Time

By outsourcing your back-office teams, you will spend less time overseeing the organizations administrative functions and back-office team challenges, enabling you to have more time to focus on your vision and purpose while reducing stress on having the tasks of these departments in your hands. We also assist you with reporting and presenting to your board, so all the information you need is gathered in one place.

Access Expertise

Back office teams also have their peculiarities, and when experienced professionals tackle the back office organization, the results seriously surpass the attempts of other companies to deal with these departments. Access to expertise in back-office tasks is key to the proper functioning of all departments and from there to the entire company.

Scale Up Easily

If you’re a growing organization, having an outsourced provider will make your life a lot easier. Back-office, accounting and financial operations can be difficult, and when you’re scaling up it’s easy to get overwhelmed and caught up in all the moving pieces especially if the scaling is fast. Better you preffer to work with an experienced team and be concentrated on generating revenue, growth and real valued for employees and customers.

Automate & Go Digital

You also can get an access to all the specific accounting software (Xero, Quickbooks, SAP, etc) and ERP systems, meaning you’ll be able to streamline processes and automate tasks. You’ll also be able to reduce your carbon footprint and impact on the environment by going digital and reducing wasted paper. This saves money on inventory, time by reducing filing and storage and inconvenience of complying with administrative rules for arranging paper documentation.

Before acquiring a team, ask yourself if you can create it specifically for your needs and goals.


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