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Who we are

Anagami is fast growing company based in Bulgaria, specialized in digital accounting and bookkeeping, tax consulting, payroll, back-office staffing, accounting team creation. We work with over 400 Bulgarian and international businesses every month and have a team of over 70 . We provide outstaffing of accounting, bookkeeping and back-office services to businesses based outside Bulgaria and perform processes entirely on behalf of the client. We developed dedicated staffing services, business process transferring, team relocation, business unit creation. We are good at fully remote teams and specific accounting. We recruit and expand teams and departments for companies faster, justified by the purpose, cost and quality efficient compared to acquihiring.

Anagami Leadership

Meet our leadership team

Angelina Borisova

Angelina Borisova

Founder & CEO

Lyubomir Lalovski

Lyubomir Lalovski

Marketing director

Gabriela Hristova

Gabriela Hristova

Project Manager

Company history

In 2014, we started as a small accounting company operating entirely on the Bulgarian market.



Over the years we have been able to grow the team completely bootstraping and thanks to our customers.

We started serving more and more European citizens doing business in Bulgaria. This is how our next outsource brand Autsorsa was launched, aimed entirely at staffing, to help working businesses scale quickly thanks to educated and language-savvy people in Bulgaria.

We expanded this activity to the creation, management and organization of entire teams.
Contivia Staffing

Knowing how to build teams combined with our accounting expertise makes us extremely strong in the market for accounting and back office teams. We form, organize, recruit and manage them in Bulgaria, transferring a significant percentage of the client’s processes to the newly formed teams.

We participate and help the reorganization processes in the existing departments so as to optimize them to an extent that this has not happened before. You will be surprised by the results.

We love working with people and we make sure our teams feel good, work willingly and give their best.